Kingston Upon Hull Grammar School 1951 - 1956



Photo courtesy of Ken Loftus.

Ken Purdue, Ken Usher, Ken Foot, Mike Burman, Ian Robinson, John Bailes, Dave Dewson, Barry Lockyer, Bob Brewster, Peter Suddaby, Norman Hall

Mike Daniels, John Hunter, John Hayhurst, Ken Staple, Charlie Russell, Barry Wastling, David Vine, Mike Howell, John Nix, Gordon Thundercliffe, Charles Turner, Howard Armstrong

Mike Budding, John Hudson, Brian Woodfield, Barry Pickles, Gordon Clarke, Mr. Hought ( IVB, form-master and woodwork master ), (John?) Wyld, John McGinty, Peter Turner, Ken Loftus, Ron Ward

Any more photographs available?

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600 year Anniversary Floral Display King Edward Street 28th August 1979