Sharon and Jazz waiting to roll.


Sadly "Awesome" our Valkyrie has gone to a new home in Norway

My Biking days have come to an end after 62 years. 



(WOTI)  An International Goldwing Family Web Site. 


Honda Hoot 2004 06 26



Sharon and Barry at the WOTI Breakfast at Shoneys, Knoxville TN, photos, courtesy of Rick Melling.




I have several Canon film cameras, mostly FD. and a Mirorless Digital


My latest aquisition is a Nikon D810




We were traversing a Virginia section of the Blue Ridge Parkway, when we came across the Mabry Mill.

I took the opportunity to trigger off a roll of Black & White Agfa with my Canon T90 35-105 lens, all 36 are very satisfying.

A group of old car enthusiasts rolled in to the car park, this is two samples, I had to shoot from the rear, as too many modern cars, would have been in the frame from the front. If your car was there and you would like a copy email me.

An interesting fact about the Mabry Mill, is that, several States, claim it as being in their State, a very popular Postcard.




Brick walls

Thomas Wakefield Lockyer:   b. abt 1852 in England.

Last record was on the 1881 census in Nether Hallum, Yorkshire, England.

Parents Thomas Lockyer and Emma Johnason.

Need to locate date and place of birth and date and place of death.

He was married to Emily Patience in 1871.

Aaron Bender:   b. about 1803.

He was located in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.

Possibly from Pennsylvania.

Need to locate date and place of birth and date and place of death.

Daniel Hills:  b. 1820.  Need place of birth and parents.


A few of the surnames that I am researching:

Bender:  Wisconsin

Hills:  Wisconsin, Minnesota

Giffin:  New York and Wisconsin

Zeman;  Bohemia, Minnesota, and Washington state

Klouda:  Bohemia,  , Minnesota, and Washington state

Scheble:  Ohio, Kansas, Texas, and Washington state

Wirshing:  Pennsylvania and Kansas

Lockyer:  England

Thompson:  England

Duggleby:  England

Duffield:  England

Extoby:  England

Bolton:  England

Jackman:  England



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The Audubon Society