H.M.S. Victorious Association 1956 -1968







To encourage, promote and facilitate the liason of former shipmates and other personnel who served aboard H.M.S. Victorious.

To provide a central point of contact for members seeking contact with old shipmates.

To provide a membership list from time to time.

To do all things and to carry out all acts which shall, at the discretion of the Asscociation Committee be deemed necessary to benefit and perpetuate the objectives of the Association




The Victorious Association wishes to express their sincerest condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the passing of His Royal Highness Prince Philip.



We will remember them.





Vice Admiral Sir Adrian Johns, KCB. CBE. ADC.  (Second Sea Lord). C in C Naval Home Command


Lt. Cdr. Mathew Ball RN


Stan McClellan

3 Lynwood Gardens, Pudsey, Leeds LS28 8BZ



Vice Chairman;

Donald Marr,

The Old School House, Seaview Terrace, Johnshaven, Montrose, Angus,  DD10 0HF





Michael Humphries

The Croft, Echo Lane, Stinchcombe, Dursley Gloucestershire GL11 6BJ

01453 547436



Treasurer;  Editor VIC News; Membership Secretary;

Annual Subscriptions of 10, should be forwarded to the treasurer:

Stuart (Topsy) Turner

01785 245226



Welfare Officer:

Peter Barnes

15 Elm Tree Avenue, Upper Poppleton York, YO26 6HL




Contributions to the Flat Top, should be sent to the;

Flat Top Editor; 


Association Padre:


Reverend John Mills

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Slops Officer:

Edgar Jenkinson

144 Moseley Road, Coundon Coventry CV61HT



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Latest News From the Chairman Reunion 2021. News pertaining to Fleetwood North Euston. So how we stand: the hotel is still pretty sure that from June it will open if all goes well HOWEVER they are still committed to deal with backlogs of Wedding receptions which have been postponed first.SO we are probably looking at late August early September for a date. Obviously we, nor they can commit any of either times month nor dates yet as so much still remains in the balance. Thats still the best we can as yet assume. Now that things have started to unfold we hope we can be more accurate soon. Stan has been in constant contact with Steve who is the Manager of North Euston. We are hoping all the negotiated discounts and free range on our itinerary will still hold but we must be aware that as before Steve has to clear with his management all the deals we had before lockdown. So there we have it. So not much different from my last report apart from correcting my mistake of the name of the hotel. =================================

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On a miserable wet and chilly Saturday morning, 24th May 2009, Barry and Sharon Lockyer, Barry and Judy Snee were given the Royal treatment on a visit to HMS Victorious, Submarine S29, at Port Canaveral, Florida, USA.

The terrible weather conditions could not dampen the enthusiasm of the intrepid four and their host Mark Durkan.

The grand tour commenced with a sheer 25' drop on a vertical ladder that I am sure the two ladies had never experienced before, but by the end of the tour they were taking all the ladders in their stride, as experienced and badged submariners.

  (a) (b)   (c)

(a) Happy hour at the Fawlty Towers Port Canaveral, (b) Barry and Sharon Lockyer, Mark Durkan, Barry and Judy Snee. (c) Sharon and Barry Lockyer, Barry and Judy Snee.


My run ashore and Exped Oppo on the Victorious 1957/60, Roger (Whacker) Paine wrote the above book,

Call The Hands, in the UK and now published in America as Clear Lower Deck.


It makes a jolly good read.



Available from Amazon:





In Memory of shipmates who have crossed the Bar


HMS Victorious, The Floating Fortress, videos are now on Utube 

Part one


Part two


Updated List of Members

As of 12th May 2009

Name Rank/Rate Period at the time on board

Barnden Tom PO/EL 63-64

Bartholomew Fred A/B 60-62

Beasley Brian CPO SA 62-64

Bettridge Derek N/A AH2 58-60

Bird Brian LME 57-58

Blackshaw Mel MEM1 65-67

Blaymires Arthur L/Patrolman 60-62

Braybooke Alec CAA(A/E) 66-67

Brinsley Sheridan James Lt Cdr 64-67

Brown Gerry MEM1 65-67

Buckley Jim LEM(A) 67-68

Caldecott Tim POME 60-64

Chambers Derek L/Coder(Ed) 58-59

Chambers Eddie PO Wtr 65-67

Climo Dave PO Wtr 65-67

Cook Jim RO2(G) 60-61

Cooke Charlie AB(G) 64-65

Cooper Derek Ord 46-48

Cowan Bob R/Marine 61-62

Cragg Jim Seaman 61-63

Crew Arthur ME1 44.46

Cross Joe (Dr) Lt(SD)(AV) 65-67

Davis Charles PO(CEL) 65-67

Durkan Mike PO Wtr 57-60 RIP May 1st 2016

Evans David Seaman 60-62

Garner Geoff AB (RP2) 57-62

Goldsmith Brian AB 66-67

Goodship Richard L/H(AWSP) 64-66

Greenwood Steve NA(AH3) 58-60

Griffin William L/Stwd 58-60

Haigh John LME 58-63

Hargest Ron LME 59-64

Harris William El Mech(A)3 66-68

Haughton Derrick LME 60-64

Haworth John Wtr 46-47

Helm Colin CPO Artificer 58-64

Helm Geoffrey REM1 62-64

Hotchkiss G. Doug Lt(SD) 64-66

Holden John SA (V) 62-64 RIP 17th May 2009

Humphries Dennis L/AM 814 Sqdn 64-65

Humphries Mike LEM(Air) 803 Sqdn 61-62

Hutton Charles NAM(A/E) 58-60

Jenkinson Edgar ME1 57-62

Jones Hadyn EM 65-67

Kemlo Alfred NA1 58-60

King Brian L/CK 63-64

Light Arthur Lt (SD) 64-66

Lockyer Barry SA (S) 57-60

Longhurst Andrew Stwd 814 Sqdn 63-66

Lusher Michael LME 64-67

Marr Donald Chef 58-59

Matthews Peter EM(Air) 61-62

McAvoy George Cpl RM 60-62

McLellan Stanley LME 60-64

McSweeney Stuart MEM1 65-67

Mills Mike Stwd 58

O'Callaghan Dan L/Air 64-65

Oakes James POME 65-66

Osborne John LAM 59-60)

LAM 801 Sqdn 63-64)

POAM 814 Sqdn 66-67)

Parkinson Richard MET 2 64-65

Parks Vince CK(O) 66-67

Phillips Anthony Phil L/CK (S) 65-66

Piper John PO (RP2) 65-67

Riley Mervyn MEM1 58-60

Robertson Robert LEM 58-64

Rowsell Arthur NAM 60-64

Salter Terence JEM1(Air) 63-65

Scargill Brian AB 60-64

Smith Robert AEM 893 Sqdn 66-67

Snee Barry J/S (RP*) 64-67

Swanwick Ron PO (Air) (AH) 58-60

Tennick Brian Stwd 65-67

Thirrouez Norry ME1 63-65

Thomas Alex ME1 64-65

Thompson Arnold PO REL(Air) 63-64

Tipping Neville SA(S) 59-62

Topliff David CK 60-62

Tribbeck Norman CAA (A/E) 57-60

Turner Stuart AB 64-65

Walker Richard PO (RP1) 65-67

Walker Alan LA (AH1) 60-62

Willett Alec NAM(O) 63-64

Willett Peter RO1(W) 62-63

Williams Frank Ord 48

Wilson David AB 57-59

Yates David AB 65-68

Yorke Dudley CK(S) 63-64

Associate Members

Evans Diana ... ... ... ... Widow of Tom Evans

Hutton James ... ... ... ... Web Designer 14th March, 2008

Video copies of the " Floating Fortress ", filmed onboard H.M.S. Victorious, 1959, are available from 

The Imperial War Museum http://www.iwm.org.uk/ 


We can now produce DVD copies of the film. The total cost of generating bespoke copies would be 27.61 (inclusive of VAT, P+P and a blank disc).

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Lee

Research Assistant, Film and Video Archive Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road, London SE1 6HZ, UK

Tel: (UK) 020 7416 5294 (International) +44 20 7416 5294

Fax: (UK) 020 7416 5299 (International) +44 20 7416 5299

Website: www.iwm.org.uk

E-mail: mlee@iwm.org.uk


Two good web sites with The Victorious's history as the USS Robin.




Check my Royal Navy and HMS Victorious web page for photographs.